Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writing like a grown up

I spent this afternoon shut up in a little room that has no windows, and very little light. It's quiet, except my music, and nobody knows I'm here.
So, just me and my computer for five hours, at an actual desk. 
Where am I? I'm in my office. I suppose it's an office, right? It has a desk and a chair, and a board to write stuff on. This afternoon my sister brought me a lamp so the over-head lighting wouldn't make my brain explode. Oh, and a picture of my Mom for my desk. That was nice of her. Mom and my stuffed zombie doll are both smiling at me over my computer screen right now.
It's awesome. I love my little room, despite the fact it's windowless. I've done work on my manuscript all day with no interruptions. I have word count goals up on my white board, and while I'm probably not going to give up writing in public, I feel like renting even this little space gives me an excuse.
I'm paying for this space, so I'd better use it to write.  It needs work still, sure.  I probably need to scrounge a comfy chair up from somewhere for writing in my notebook and stuff like that, but I have to tell you so far, this is working out well.  I've never had a dedicated place to write, not ever, and never really seen the need, but now I might never go  back.

And in other news, as you all know, the NAME CONTEST ends March 12th. Yep, that's next Tues.  One of you will get the fabulous gift certificate. I'm not telling who, but, you know... One of you will win...... 

So I'm going back to the thing. You guys think about it......


  1. A dedicated writing space is awesome. I know this post is a several days old, but I hope you've found the seclusion helpful. Happy writing!

  2. I think I need to learn how to write like a grown up! Thanks, Mart!