Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where to find me. (In which I plug the anthology I'm in)

So have you all been wondering what I've been doing with my time lately? Well, here's one thing. Below is the blurb and the lovely cover of Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge. In it you'll find my story, "Getting Fixed" along with many other fantastic stories about the fairer (and fanged) sex, For 2.99 it's a bargain. Check it out on amazon. 
Though people have been exploring the legend of the vampire for hundreds of years, the female vampire has been largely overlooked...until now.

Neophyte Press proudly presents Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge, a collection of short stories focused on fanged girls of the night with a taste for human blood and a penchant for power, seduction and terror.

Find your favorite turtleneck and sink your teeth into this monster of a collection. You're in store for some long, dark nights filled with beautiful, hungry creatures. But don't cry when you find yourself with two perfectly round puncture wounds on your neck...

‘Cause you've been warned.
Go to "Re-Vamped: Blood Lust Revenge" page
by Ty Schwamberger, Adam Lewis

Here's a small bite of my story:
                                                                             Getting Fixed

 The bite turned out to be profitable for Casey. Made her lucky. Of course it had taken her a while to accept this. A vampire bite wasn’t your average injury. Not something you came out of happy to be alive. You get bit, you turn, somebody stakes you before you spill blood. That’s how the world worked.
She thought. Turned out, it wasn’t that simple. The taint, passed through the spit of her attacker had given her some vampiric qualities: increased strength, sensitivity to sunlight. It also woke the thirst, but Casey found ways to deal with that. 

Want more? Click on the link above. It'll be fun, I promise.


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