Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Which I Tell You About My Exciting Writer Friends

So, this is the summer where most of my writing friends have books coming out. I thought I'd tell you about them. 

First, my friend Kacey Vanderkarr's book is coming next month from Inkspell. It's called Antithesis, and you can see all the info in my previous post. You should visit her blog: where  you can find out all about her, and her many projects.  This is Kacey's first published novel, but it's definitely not going to be her last.

Second, though not really, my oldest friend--do not fight among yourselves, old friends.  I did meet Loren before you, Paul....  Seconds before.  Anyway, my oldest friend Loren Rhoad's collection of essays, "Wish You Were Here," is available.  You must check it out, because if there's a cemetery worth seeing, she's been there. 
Also, as I write this, she's premiering a collection of short stories she edited, as well as contributed to called "Haunted Mansion Project: Year II" More info about that can be found here: . It promises to be a fun read. Later this year she will have her first novel out, as well.  It's called "As Above, So Below," written with Brian Thomas.  I can tell you I'm really eagerly awaiting this one, and I'll be talking about it again.  Guarantee. Oh, and you can keep up with her busy life
Both of these women are great writers.  They have strong voices, and something to say.  Visit their blogs, check out their books, and when you're where they are, come to signings.  You won't regret it.


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  1. Hey! Thank you for this. I missed with while I was in New Orleans. You know we're eagerly waiting for a book from you, too, right?