Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So it's David Bowie's sixty-sixth birthday today, and I had been thinking of doing something special to mark that. I mean I usually take the day to write a Bowie influenced story, so that's nothing special. I've missed him, you know, over the past decade. I've gotten used to the build-up of rumours everything year around this time, "Bowie's in Berlin and he's recording--he tweeted it last night!" Riiight.  But not really. I had come to the same conclusion that everyone else had. He'd retired, and was enjoying his retirement. But I still wanted more music.
So I was pretty skeptical when I woke to a bunch of texts about there being a new single and video. No, that can't be true, I thought.
Turns out I was wrong. It's totally true. Single, video, album.  You guessed it.  I cried.  And I also couldn't help thinking about Ziggy. 
I'd given up on anybody wanting my novel "Always Crashing In the Same Car." But today, hearing Bowie's voice again, in new words, Ziggy came back to me.  And I realize that I'm way too close to the thing to do what's necessary to make it suitable for publishing. So I decided that I would ask for help.
Here's where the contest comes in, ready?
I need to rename Ziggy, in the novel.  Now, wait, because it's already a fake name, it's not as easy as you might think to replace it with something that works. Still, I have faith in all of you. So here's the deal:
I will mail a ten dollar Barnes and Noble gift card to the person who, in replying to this blog post, gives me an alternate name for my Ziggy as he appears in "Always Crashing In the Same Car." I'll give you all up to three tries. And I have faith in all of you, but if none of the names turn out to be suitable, I will draw names for the gift card.  The contest will start now and end March 12, 2013. Simple right?  See the next blog post for a little taste of the character if you wish.


  1. Firsties!

    Okay, this was really hard to come up with some names that don't sound completely awful.

    My picks are: Zane, Vance, and Naoki.

  2. Don't have faith in me and I'm not doing this for a contest :p but because I want to see your book published and read by millions.

    Sky Gemini is my first suggestion

  3. Okay, three tries: Otter, Vivid, or Whim. I have a friend whose name is William, but he signs himself Wm. It's pronounced Whim. Vivid because there was a character on TV I loved as a child. And Otter because otters are cool.

  4. These are all going on my list!

  5. From Karen Colona on facebook: Marco, Nicco and Macchia, thanks, Karen.

  6. From Paul: Lord Byron, Percy Shelly, Anastasia Beaverhausen

  7. From Kelli Mayer: Ivo, Gabriel, Devon

  8. Now I will post my names which you will hate. (tell me all about it.) Koda Amadeus and Wolseley (no last name. Like Oprah. Just kidding...I ran out of brain power. sorry.)