Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book Birthday approaching

It's been a year since Black Light came out. Really a bit more, since Amazon says it was released on May 7th. But I think of Memorial Day weekend of it's true birthday. That was the weekend I actually got to hold it, and, more terrifyingly, I read straight from the book out loud with people. And didn't throw up.

It's been weird, too. I forgot that when you put your words out there, chances are, people are going to read them.Whoa. It's a lot for somebody who prefers to sit in the back bent over a notebook to get used to. But in a good way.  If you now google Barnes and Noble Flint, apparently there I am, with my stack off book. Who thought I'd become the face of Barnes and Noble? (and if that's changed... Well, you know, thank gods)

Last year was a like a gut punch for almost everybody. That January. Damn. But this? This was the one thing that went right for me.

So, thanks, everybody who read the thing. And thanks everybody who's going to read it. I'm going to make that easy for at least one of you.

All you have to to do,is have a US mailing address to win a free copy of Black Light is guess my favorite song of the '80's.

I will give you two hints:


That narrows it down, doesn't it?

2. A snatch of lyric: "It's all that heavy weather"

Since I'm pretty sure that nobody knows this, I'm not making disqualifying Loren.